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The Uveal is a Gel-like material located in the center of the eyeball around the third layer comprising wraps as sheath. The Inflammation of Uvea “uveitis” is the disease caused by the previously metioned layer.

Uvea is recognized as a separate area of expertise through the eye. Diagnosis and treatment of the disease, associated with uveal, immunology (immune science) and genetic improvements are supported by the growing scientific progress in this field. The main factors that contributed to success in the treatment for early diagnosis are regular follow-ups is being consiidered an accurate treatment.When these conditions are met the eye can often be recovered.

After the complete treatment, the patient should be monitored for at least three months. The disease may recur so controls should not be interrupted. Informaiton about different symptoms related to other organs is essential for the eye treatment, as they may be realted rheumatic symptoms.

Uveitis is an extremely complex disease and each patient may follow a different course of treatment. For the treatment the dosage must be determined by an expert and experienced physician.

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