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Breast Augmentation With Lift

Performing a breast augmentation along with a lift will increase breast volume and raise sagging breasts.


Sometimes a combined breast procedure is needed to achieve the look you want for your breasts. The aim of the breast lift procedure is to give you a raised, younger breast contour as well as the desired size nipple at the right height. For many women whose breasts have changed due to childbearing, breastfeeding, or age, simply re-raising the breasts is not enough. Breast augmentation aims to restore the volume loss at the “upper pole” of the breast.

Combining these two processes is a very common technique. But not everyone can. Some women who have had breast augmentation before may require a breast lift along with an implant replacement or revision. History of previous implants or breast lift increases the risk of complications. It should be discussed extensively with your surgeon.

The surgical technique is specific to each patient and will be determined during the consultation process.

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