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The nose is in the center (mid face) of the face, if people look at each other that is the area of the face where people first look at, which also includes the eyes. Symmetry over the facial line is an important subject. That is why people are very concerned about the appearance of this area. Especially women, for which beauty starts with the face. The operation will modify the form and look of your nose. Rhinoplasty creates the new look by changing the underlying tendon and bone structure.

Nose surgery can make:

· The nose smaller
· A wide nose slimmer
· A long nose shorter
· Refine a big or sagging tip
· Straighten a crooked position

The main issue to a successful nose operation is precise information. In most rhinoplasty procedures, surgery removes a hump or re-builds a plane nose. There are many possibilities and after a thorough investigation your surgeon will make a well prepared operation that addresses all your concerns. Most important is that your nose shouldn´t lose it function and your airways aren’t blocked in any way. The nasal structure is very important so the new look is shown by the surgeon on a computer image. This is a great option when you want to compare different options.

Operation Methods

Open or close operation techniques can be considered a possibility, decides according to the intervention necessities and work agenda by your surgeon.

Method and Duration of Anesthesia

Rhinoplasty is administrated in a hospital facility under general anesthesia. The operation takes from 2 to 3 hours.

Healing Process

During the post-operative period bruising and swelling occurs due to operative bleeding and skin texture. This situation passes through in a week’s time, getting better from day to day. The nose will find its final shape in 6 months or a year time.

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