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Cornea which is transparent layer located in front of the eye and Corneal layer; allows us to see objects clearly, eye refractive optical elements for determining the degree is the most important. As usual hour-glass dome of the cornea or the front part of the eye is covered. Shape of the cornea is damaged in patients with keratoconus cornea is tapered toward the front, bulging increases, this disorder steeper downward by gravity over time and down in the center of the cornea, resulting in displacement. In this way, the patient increasingly myopia and astigmatism and can not be corrected with glasses leads to visual impairment.

Symptoms of Keratoconus

Keratoconus disease, there is a certain age as the age of onset. Can occur at any age. Kerataconus the early diagnosis is important. For this high-tech inspection equipment are needed.

Symptoms of the disease:

• Net to see, distorted and blurred vision.
• Progressive myopia and astigmatism.
• Frequent changes in glasses, although glasses to see clearly.
• Double vision.
• characterized by headaches, eye strain,
• extreme sensitivity of eyes to light.

Treatment method of Keratoconus

•CCL (corneal cross linking)
•ICR (intra corneal ring)
•Cornea transplantation

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