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Butt Augmentation With Implant

Butt Augmentation  with Implants is ideal for patients who want very full projection.


Buttock augmentation is one of the most preferred procedures in recent years. Butt augmentation is sought when a man or woman perceives that the shape, size or proportions of the hips are not sufficient for their body.

Common causes can be genetics, weight fluctuations (especially weight loss), pregnancy changes, and aging. It’s common to hear that patients are tired of trying to achieve the hip they want with old-fashioned diet and exercise. There are currently two surgical options for hip augmentation. The first is autologous fat grafting (Brazil Butt Lift “BBL”) liposuction to remove your “own fat” and transfer it to the hips.
The second is augmentation with a semi-solid silicone implant.

Surgical Technique

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