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1- The Medical Tests Which Needed Before The Operation

The Medical Tests Which Needed Before The OperationThe First And Important Thing You Should Do At The Examination Is Blood Testing To Test IF You Have Any HIV And Hepatitis C In Your System To Protect The Surgeon, Nurses And Anyone Else Who Will Involved With Your Operation.

2- Direct Consultation With The Doctor

Direct Consultation With The Doctor

After The Blood Test, The Doctor Will Discuss And Drawing With You The New Hairline. Its Very Important Decision For You Because Your Future Look Will Be Related With This Decision. The Last Thing In This Stage Is Shaving Your Hair Because The Staff Can Work Better And Exact On Your Skull.

3- Anesthesia And The Fue Operation

Anesthesia And The Fue Operation

The First Part In This Stage Done By The Nurses Is Local Anesthesia ON The Skull Via Small Injections then The Second Part In This Stage Is Harvesting Grafts From The Donor Area Don’t Worry You Will Not Feel Any Pain, The Last Part In Operations Is Done By The Doctor And Make Very Small Incisions In The Receiving Part Of The Skull And Start Putting The Harvested Grafts Back In The Skull.

4- Dressing The Donor Area

After The Doctor Is Finished, He Will Put A Bandage On The Back Side Of Your Head Against The Bleeding And To Prevent Any Infection.

5- Checkup After One Day

Checkup After One Day

We Will Invited You To Come Back To The Hospital For Checkup With Doctor, And We Will Take Of The Bandage And he Will Check Your Skull On Any Discomforts And Failures. After That We Will Make Hair Washing For You And Learning Your All Process For The First Week Washing With Special Shampoo And Lotion.

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