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What are the types, benefits and risks of Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic Surgery involve a wide range of operations and treatments to improve the appearance of a person and not for basic medical reasons. These procedures are performed by a doctor known as a cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon.

Cosmetic surgery is usually not covered by health insurance since it is not a typical medical procedure. Types of Cosmetic Surgery Hundreds of procedures under the roof of cosmetic procedures.

Some of these include abdominal stretching, breast implants, face lift, nose surgery and liposuction.However, not all procedures are surgical.

For example, non-surgical treatments are available to improve the overall appearance of the skin, such as microdermabrasion, laser scalp resurfacing, and chemical peeling.

In addition, some conditions, such as vitiligo disease that has lost color on the skin, can be treated with makeup, self-coat, skin dye, skin medication or mild treatments.


Women can perform breast reconstruction if they remove one or two breasts from breast cancer. Wounds may also heal after skin cancer or injury. Benefits and Risks The benefits of cosmetic surgery are primarily based on how people feel about their appearance based on improvement.

Although Plastic Surgery has a function to revitalize the body parts and tissues that have lost its functionality, Aesthetic Surgery focuses on the cosmetic side of some more work and aims at retouching badly visible areas. Therefore, people who want to look better anywhere in the body, aesthetic surgery methods and specialists should apply.

But there is an important detail that needs attention here. Aesthetic operations are usually performed on healthy persons and on body parts that are considered medically normal.

So they are not mandatory surgeries for health. Therefore, the effect of subsequent mishaps can be more troublesome than other mandatory operations.

In order not to have any problems in the future, you should have such surgeries in full-fledged hospitals or clinics with surgeons who are onstr Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialists İler.


Doing aesthetic surgery procedures by doctors in other areas creates many medical problems, and then patients may face difficult to correct complications. It will be beneficial for the patients to have a qualified physician with onstr Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery ası procedures.

Aesthetic surgery does not require surgery at all times. Operations that leave traces and cuts should not come to mind at all. Fillings, skin peeling deep laser applications, applications such as stem cells, surgery, but not performed by the aesthetic surgeons or Dermatology specialists / should be done.

Areas of Interest of Aesthetic Surgery:


Correction of all aesthetic and functional disorders of the nose


Breast enlargement, reduction of the breast, removal of asymmetry, reduction of excess skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue and procedures


Obtain a normal appearance of the breast tissue in the male patient

Formation of abdominal fat in men:

In men, by taking the excess fat in the abdomen and giving a portion of baklava slice shape


Facial regeneration or facial rejuvenation (facial lifting, eyelid, aesthetics of the eye area, aesthetics of the mouth)

Endoscopic forehead stretching, eyebrow lifting, all aesthetic procedures of eyelid area,

Correction of problems in bucket ear, auricle and other regions, Maxillofacial and shrinkage operations

Correction of facial contour with fat injections, ensuring fullness

Body shaping operations:

Abdominal stretching and abdominal aesthetics,

Correction of body contour with liposuction and fat injections, waist thinning, legs shaping, hip aesthetics

Implants and fat tissue shaping with legs and buttocks

Other operations:

Correction of wound traces, removal of moles, hair transplantation.

Non-surgical rejuvenation and beautification procedures

Non-surgical procedures such as filler and botox procedures, skin resurfacing, skin peeling, skin rejuvenation procedures, face straps.

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