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Tonsils Surgery 

Tonsils are structures located on both sides of the throat in the back of the tongue. Their job is to protect the body against microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses.

However, tonsils being larger than normal or frequently infected / inflamed can cause various problems. Frequent recurrent tonsillitis (tonsillitis); It can cause serious health problems such as growth retardation, cardiac rheumatism, kidney inflammation and diseases affecting the joints in children.

The tonsils that are bigger than necessary are; sleep apnea and associated snoring can lead to problems such as bad breath, attention disorder, irritability, depression, daytime sleepiness.

Who can have Tonsil Surgery?

Tonsil surgery in cases when the tonsil has become obstructive and has suffered tonsillitis at least once a year; tonsillectomy with its name in medicine is recommended.

This  surgery can be performed in children over 4 years old and adults. Tonsil surgery can also be performed in children under 4 years of age in some of the following situations:

If tonsillitis is seen at least 7 times in a year, surgery should be performed in case of large tonsils that reach obstructive sizes that cause breathing during sleep.

How is Tonsil Surgery performed?

Tonsil surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The method called “thermal welding” has been used frequently in recent years. With this method, tonsils can be removed without bleeding. In addition, no stitches and very low postoperative pain are among the important advantages.

After Surgery

Patients are discharged the same day after tonsil surgery. One day after the operation, patients can return to their normal lives.

Eating can be started 2 hours after the operation. Soft consistency foods; Puree, warm soup, vegetable dishes, fruit puree, custard and ice cream are among the preferred foods. Attention should be paid to consuming such foods for 1 week.

Does the body defense system weaken after Tonsil Surgery?

Tonsils are structures that work in the defense system. However, taking them by surgery does not cause the immune system to weaken. Many lymphoid organs in the throat and upper respiratory tract take the role of the removed tonsils.

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