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It is an abnormally low level of calcium in the blood. Hypocalcemia may be caused by a low level of parathyroid hormone (hypoparathyroidism) in the intestine.

Other causes of hypocalcemia include vitamin D deficiency, renal failure, acute pancreatitis, or lack of magnesium or protein in the blood. If hypocalcemia is not severe, it usually does not show symptoms.

If hypocalcemia is more severe, the following symptoms may occur:

Abnormal Heart Rhythms

Muscle cramps, seizures, muscle stresses

The touch of the hands, feet, lips and tongue is not touched due to the tickling and tickling sensation (paresthesia).

Hypocalcemia is cured by identifying and treating the cause of low calcium in the blood. Calcium pills and injections are given to normalize the calcium in the blood.

Muscle Cramps Symptoms

Hypocalcemia symptoms vary depending on the degree and cause of the hypocalcemia. Even serious psychiatric problems can be observed due to hypercalcemia. Symptoms can be viewed under 4 headings.

Muscle and nerves:

Fatigue, numbness, muscle weakness, drowsiness, confusion, depression, psychosis, movement disorders. Chvostek and Trosseau symptoms, tetany and convulsions can be observed.


Increased tendency to arrhythmias. There may be heart blocks and ventricular fibrillation. Blood pressure may drop. Unlike hypercalcemia, the QT interval is prolonged.

Bone, connective tissue and skin:

Bone pain, fracture, osteomalacia, rickets, dry skin.

Symptoms of the disease causing hypocalcemia:

For example, cancer, acute pancreatitis, rhabdomyolysis, symptoms of malnutrition.

Diagnosis and differential diagnosis

The first condition of diagnosis is suspicion, as in any disease. The patient’s history and physical examination findings can help us.

The first test to look for is parathyroid hormone, as in hypercalcemia:

If Parahormone is low, hypoparathyroidism comes to mind. Another finding supporting the diagnosis of hypopathyroid is the high phosphorus in the blood.

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