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Gum Infection ( Gingivitis )

In short, Gingivitis is gingivitis.

It is caused by bacterial plaque, an adhesive film that builds up on teeth and gums. Gingivitis is noticed with redness, swelling and slight bleeding in the gums. Swelling of the gums , teeth gums between the teeth causes an increase in pocket depth. In this case, it becomes more difficult to keep the dental pocket clean. It is possible for gingivitis to pass completely without causing permanent damage. However, this requires good and regular oral hygiene.


When healthy, the gums are usually pale coral-pink in color, firm consistency and an orange peel appearance. If there is gingivitis, rounding of the gum edges, swelling, distortion in the form of the tooth and a color change in the color of the tooth with a purple and red appearance occurs. In addition, bad breath and oral bleeding occur. If it is not treated, all tissue supporting the tooth is affected and when it progresses, the bone starts to be affected and turns into periodontitis.

Control Process

If there is an initial level of inflammation, the tartar cleaning is done first. In other words, the plaque layer on the tooth surface is cleaned. However, if a slightly deeper plaque formation is observed , deep dental cleaning ( curettage ) treatment is applied.

If the inflammation has increased in severity, then surgical treatment is applied. Surgical intervention is also cleaned by opening the gums. If the patient for the treatment of tissue loss occurs that bone powder filler treatments have applied .

Considerations During Treatment

The patient should pay close attention to oral hygiene. Information should be given about how to clean.

In cases where serious intervention is required, it is followed up for 12 months . Necessary measures are taken to prevent new tooth losses.


Gingivitis Is Underestimated As It Should Be

Patients usually come at the last stage of gingivitis. Because situations such as bad breath and gum bleeding are generally accepted as normal among the public. Therefore, people who come with gingivitis generally come at the last stage.

One of the most overlooked situations in this regard is the absence of pain and ache throughout the course of the disease, bleeding and disregard for bad breath .

Gum diseases are the most important causes of tooth loss. Approximately 85 % of average patients in the world have gingivitis.

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