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Age 5 Syndrome

Age 5 Syndrome is one of the important milestones in the developmental processes of children.

Children at this age experience many issues such as how to deal with the events they will encounter in the future, and the methods they will adopt to solve events if they will have an extroverted nature.

It is a process in which children’s sense of curiosity is at their peak and they permanently engrave the answers to the questions they find in their minds.

As they see that the rules of society, which they were exempted from due to their young age, are slowly coming their way, they discover new worlds and become happy or unhappy individuals at the level of adaptation they provide to these worlds.


Another change seen especially in boys during the Age 5 Syndrome period is the tendency of testosterone hormones to increase. Testosterone levels in boys aged 3-4 years are no different from girls.

However, with the end of the age of 4, hormones begin to take on characteristic structures according to gender characteristics.

The hormonal change in the child’s body causes the 5-year-old syndrome to be quite active and angry.One can encounter the scene of a hyperactive child jumping from that sofa to this sofa, tending to enjoy disrupting the order in the house.


Until this normalization comes, the child should be patient, his bad behavior should not be treated with punishments that can harm him and his psychology.

However, the patience in question should not be to turn a blind eye to whatever he does and adopt an attitude that will pamper him.

It has been observed that children with the Age 5 Syndrome have increased their self-confidence and they have the desire to try all the information they have learned so far alone.


It may be appropriate to allow children to act alone, under parental supervision, to help build self-confidence in the future.

Because the damage that may occur in an accident that occurs while performing the action may not be major damage.

Of course, every parent wants to protect their child from all kinds of harm, big or small, but it may be necessary to take risks for such harm that can greatly increase the child’s self-confidence in his life.

But in these times, the actions that children want to take on their own are not just small options that can be risked. Parents should be wary of such sudden outbursts.

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