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6 Situations Which Will Cause Bad Breath

If you have a bad breath problem, this can lead to disturbing consequences if you approach people in your social life. Therefore, it is very important to understand the causes of bad breath.

Here you can find 6 possible factors that can cause  and measures you can take:

  1. You Are Not Responding To Your Eyes And Tooth

Plaques can accumulate continuously on or between your teeth and this can cause bad breath. The most effective way to protect it is to brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste 2 times a day and use a floss or toothbrush for hard-to-reach areas.

  1. You May Be A Journey To The Dental Problems

Bad breath can be an early sign of gum problems. Plaque accumulated in the area between the gums and teeth may cause this odor. If these plaques are not removed, dark red gums, weak gingiva and severe gingivitis may lead to more severe gum problems.

You can brush your teeth 2 times a day with a toothpaste containing sodium bicarbonate and fluoride to help gum care.

  1. Seeds And Interests

Eating garlic, onions or some spices, alcohol or coffee can cause short-term bad breath. The best way to stop this is to avoid such foods and beverages.

  1. You Are A Smoking User

Smoking or smoking a hookah can cause bad breath. They may also cause your teeth to be stained and the risk of gingival problems. Stop smoking and get clean, white teeth, a breath of fresh air.

  1. You Are Practicing A Serious Diet

Applying a diet with a shock diet or low carbohydrates can cause side effects such as bad breath. Because in these cases, the body turns to fat burning, and this produces chemicals called ketone. These may make your breath worse. This kind of bad breath can be prevented by changing your diet.

  1. You Have A Health Problem

In some rare cases, your health problems can cause bad breath. One of them is “dry mouth.” This situation is caused by a decrease in the mouth-to-mouth flow. This helps to remove plaque which may cause odor in the mouth because saliva can cause discomfort.

Digestive problems, diabetes, throat or chest infections can also cause bad breath. Consult your dentist or doctor if you have any doubts about their condition.

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